Buying Land in The Sandbox | Complete Guide

Hey what is up everyone today's, video? We're gonna be talking about the sandbox and, more specifically the sandbox land. The land within the sandbox has absolutely exploded, and i still think there is a ton of potential within it.

So in this video i'm gonna be providing a full tutorial and a full guide on land within the sandbox, and you're not going to want to miss out, because i think the sandbox is going to be one of The leading metaverses, but before we do start this video make sure to hit that subscribe and like button.

If you end up enjoying today's, video and with that being said, welcome to the nifty verse. So before we get into the guide, i do want to give a disclaimer to mention that this is not financial advice.

I am not a financial advisor. The nft space is incredibly risky, so please do your own research and make your own decisions now. First, let's quickly. Talk about what exactly is the sandbox. The sandbox is a virtual metaverse, where players can play build own and monetize their experiences.

They empower artists, creators and players to build the platform. They have always envisioned providing the means to unleash their creativity within the game of the sandbox. There will be a ton of different experiences that users will be able to play.

These experiences can include games events, parties other little adventures that will be able to be played within the sandbox. All the experiences that will be made available within the sandbox will be created by the users playing it.

This is what they call user generated content, so the users are the builders building out the games, building out the events, building out the structures that will be located within the sandbox. This is one of the very early startups of what a metaverse will end up being here in the future.

It is a voxelized version of the metaverse, as you can see, which kind of looks similar to what minecraft looks like. But the difference here is that this is created on the blockchain and all the assets that will be available within this game, such as the avatars.

The in-game assets, such as swords clothing, as well as the land and structures you will see, will be nfts and that provides true digital ownership of your assets. Now that we have an understanding of what the sandbox metaverse is, let's.

Talk about the land within the sandbox, a land is a digital piece of real estate in the sandbox metaverse that will allow players to build experiences. On top of it. Once an individual owns a piece of land, they will be able to populate it with games and different assets.

Each one of these plots of land is a unique nft, a non-fungible token that is based on the ethereum blockchain. Now, in just a little bit, we'll talk about some of the experiences and use cases for these pieces of land and what you can build on top of it.

So within the sandbox there will only be 166 464 of these plots of land that will ever exist now. This graphic was posted back earlier in november, so it might have changed just a little bit since the land within the sandbox has been exploding.

But these statistics should be relatively close. There's, currently 12 000 landowners that currently occupy all of these pieces of land within the sandbox within all of these pieces of land. The total value should estimate just over 500 million dollars, and just in 2021 alone, there has been over 80 million dollars that has been conducted in land sales.

A one-of-one plot of land in the sandbox is 96 by 96 meters, and one meter is the equivalent of 32 by 32 voxels. So that should give you a clear vision of how big these plots of land are within the sandbox.

Now that we have an understanding of what land is, let's. Talk about the factors that contribute to the value of these plots of land within the sandbox. We're, going to be talking about four different factors that contribute to the value of land and those four factors are going to be: the location of that land, the size, the scarcity and then the popularity of the game.

Now let's. Talk about the location of that plot of land. The location is going to play a crucial role in determining the value of that piece of land. Is the land located in populous areas? Is there a lot of people a lot of traffic entering this location or somewhere near around it, and is that plot of land located to very prominent and popular experiences? So at the time of this recording there, hasn't been a public release of the sandbox just yet so we're, not able to see some of the experiences that are going to be happening within the sandbox.

But what we can see if we take a look at the map right, the map of all the lands and who owns those plots of lands. We can see some of the profile pictures and see exactly who owns these plots of land within the sandbox, and some people may speculate that.

There might be some great experiences, for example, that the walking dead will be building here or atari will be building here as well. So we can take a look at this map and determine how many experiences and potentially good experiences will be built in a certain location within the sandbox, and it's possible that some of these plots of land might cost more, since they're located to some very prominent individuals or brands, for example, if the walking dead were able to build out a very prominent and popular experience or game the land that surrounds it may be also getting a appreciation and value, because there is a lot of people That are attending this portion of land within the game, so there may be more traffic, more eyeballs rolling through this specific location of land within the sandbox that might cause some of these other lands to appreciate in value as well.

Generally, the center of the map has been a very popular spot for seeing some very high land sales, but we can see at the bottom right of this map. We're, seeing a lot of people building out experiences here as well.

So the location of a plot and land within the sandbox is absolutely huge, depending on what you're, going to want to do with your piece of land right, depending whether you want to build a game, an experience, a party or an event.

You're gonna want a lot of people circulating around that area and the value of lands near a place that has a lot of popularity is most likely to be more expensive than a place. That doesn & # 39. T have much traction, so that is something very of import to know, and you want to make sure what people brands and companies are building within this metaverse because, like i said, if the experience is very popular, that means the land around.

It is most likely going to be popular as well now. The next factor that contributes to the value of these pieces of land we're going to be talking about, is the size of that land. Now, if we hop back into the map of the sandbox, we can see different sizes of plots of land.

We can see these individual one-of-one plots and then we can see what are called estates. These estates are larger pieces of land and the larger a piece of land is the more likely it is to have more value depending on the size of land.

It will help builders and developers create larger experiences, so a larger experience will be able to be built on this plot of land rather than a one-of-one plot of land we can see here and that might contribute to better experiences, more revenue generated from that experience or Game and other things as well, this factor of value is fairly simple, to explain just think of it, as bigger is usually always better by the way.

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So you're, not going to want to miss out the next factors that we'll, be talking about that contribute to the value of these pieces of land, and we'll talk about both of these. Here is scarcity and the popularity of the game.

Now these two coincide with one another. So, as we stated previously, there is only going to be a total of 166 464 plots of land within the sandbox that will ever be made available, so that in itself adds scarcities to those assets and, depending on the popularity of the game, there might be more Demand that might drive up value of those plots of land, so let's say that the sandbox is able to accumulate a million daily active users within the game.

Since there's, only around 160 000 plots of land within the sandbox. Those plots of land are going to be higher in demand, causing those assets to potentially rise in value. Now, on the flip side of that, if there is no one to play the sandbox, if there's, not a lot of people entering these experiences there, isn't that much value added to those plots of land, because no one is Using it so the demand for those plots of land will go down, and people who own those plots may have to price their plots of land at a lower price to stay competitive.

So the success of the sandbox, as well as the popularity of the game, is going to play a crucial role in determining the value of some of these plots of land. Awesome. Now that we've discussed what factors contribute to the value of these plots of land, i want to talk about some of the use cases and what you can do with land within the sandbox for the use cases for these pieces of land.

I want to talk about five different things. With plots of land, you could potentially build out a business, you can host an event or a party. You can end up creating a game or different types of experiences, as well as using this plot of land.

As your very own home to go more in depth in that, let's. Talk about the business aspect of this use case. First, an individual who owns a plot of land could potentially create a business out of it. It could be a business that contributes value to the players playing the sandbox, such as an item shop, an nft shop or something else entirely.

Moving on. We have events and parties which you can actually have exclusive invites to one example. I can think off. The top of my head is going to be the party that the snoop dogg is going to host within the sandbox, and you will only be able to access that part of your event by having a snoop dogg party pass, and that party pass is an nft And that could also be a business as well.

All of these things can potentially generate revenue for yourself moving forward on these plots of land, we're. Definitely gonna see a lot of games and different experiences being built out on top of it.

There's, gonna be so many different games that you're. Just gonna be able to have fun with that. You'll, be able to play from creators that own those pieces of land there are developers and builders right now creating games that players will be able to have access to and potentially by beating one of those games.

You may be able to win a certain nft or sand, which is the cryptocurrency token for the sandbox as well as for the creator, the creator may charge something to access that certain experience or game as well, creating another revenue source for the creator and builder on That piece of land, the next and final thing i want to talk about, is that this could be your very own home within the metaverse.

A lot of these people are going to use these pots of land as their very own place, to represent themselves within the metaverse. Think of it as your very own room, you want to put stuff in there that's going to represent yourself, and i think this is going to be an extremely cool way to have friends.

Come over to your place, check out the nfts you own, as well as hang out and talk to some of your other nft friends within the metaverse, and an added bonus for these use cases that you could potentially do on a piece of land.

You can actually rent out some of these plots of land to creators and builders that are out there. If you just own a piece of land and you're, not sure what to do with it and you don't know how to develop or design anything within the sandbox.

You can actually rent out that piece of land to creators and builders that want to create experiences within that plot of land. It's, going to be crazy. This is going to turn into some like real, real estate stuff that we actually see exist in the real world and those are all the different use cases a plot of land could have within the sandbox and to those that are watching this video that want to Create and do stuff with their piece of land within the sandbox.

What you can do is go to their website and, on the left hand, side you're gonna see something called create once you click that a page will open up. That will show you the tools that the sandbox offers that allows you to build on your land, as well as create nfts assets for the sandbox.

The tools are called game maker, vox edit, and then we have avatar the game maker and vox edit are extremely user friendly and require no coding knowledge to get started, and this is just another reason why i'm, so incredibly aroused for the sandbox, Because it makes it incredibly easy for users to start creating on their pieces of land as well as create in-game assets for the sandbox, and now i think we're ready, since we & # 39.

Ve talked about some of the use cases. For these land plots, as well as what factors contribute to the value of those pieces of land, let's, go into where to buy these plots of land for the sandbox, and there's.

Only two places to buy these plots of land currently and that is going to be the marketplace located on the sandbox website as well as openc. Now let's. First talk about the marketplace located on the sandboxes website.

On the left hand, side, when you go to the sandboxes website, you're, going to see five different options, home market create map and about you're, going to want to click market, and then you're going to Want to select the lands right here and it will show you the lands that are up for sale or you can currently bid on at the moment.

You can then sort by lowest price, highest price of newest listing or oldest listing here and on openc. You can buy plots of land as well right. So if you scroll down here, go to the sandboxes official openc page, you're, going to see a lot of these plots of land that are currently listed on openc.

At the moment, it will provide you an x and y coordinate on where these plots of land are located on. So we can see it provides us a general location of where this plot of land is located and where you're, going to want to do to see the exact location of where this plot of land is currently located.

On the map. To look at just what other experiences currently surround it? What you're going to want to do is take a look at the coordinates right here, which is 32 negative. 190.. Go back to the map of the sandbox click on any plot of land.

Currently - and we can see in the url, you can actually plug in the coordinates of a specific plot of land. So, in our case it is going to be 32 right, 32 negative 190. and then that plot of land will load exactly for us right here.

And we can see that the plot of land is currently located in this location, which is surrounded by a lot of other, really unique experiences and what you could have done. If you were interested in that specific plot of land, you could have clicked buy now or make an offer for a bid and purchase that plot of land within the sandbox, and that was basically a tutorial on where and how to buy plots of land within the Sandbox and with all that being said, i want to end off this video with some of my final thoughts on land within this metaverse.

I think the sandbox is going to be one of the leading metaverses within the space. I think it has incredible potential, not only the residential area that it has been able to build up until now it's been building for years by the way it & # 39.

S also been able to secure some massive massive partnerships with many other companies and individuals. Those individuals and brands include snoop dogg. We have dead mouse, we have atari, we have the walking dead, we have the smurfs and many other brands and companies that have also purchased land within the sandbox there's going to be so many great experiences that i think players are going to Have the opportunity to play once the public version of this game releases something interesting to note that the sandbox is launching an alpha version of the game on november 29th.

So we're, going to be able to have access to some of the features and gameplay within the sandbox metaverse, and that is something i am personally super super aroused for. I think the gameplay we have seen thus far has been incredibly fluid, and some of the experiences that have already been built and leaked look extremely fun, and i do think this is going to reach a massive amount of people.

I think a lot of people have been familiarized with the voxelized version of a metaverse or a game in general because of minecraft, and i think they & # 39. Ll have an easy time adapting to the sandbox and on the plus side, what's great about the sandbox? Is that it is built on the blockchain and you will be able to own your in-game assets such as land nfts, your wearables, as well as many other things.

So i'm super aroused and i hope you are too, and i hope this video helped you just kind of understand virtual land within the sandbox and why i think there is value and what the use cases are for these plots of land.

If you have any questions about anything i mentioned here in today's, video or i did not mention, make sure you comment down below, so i can answer those questions. You can also reach me on discord, which is also linked down in the description below where myself and many others are constantly talking about nfts, and what's going on within the metaverse? We're, also constantly providing some nft alpha in there, so you're not going to want to miss out so make sure you join our discord, server, which is linked down below and with all that being said, i hope you did Enjoy and found some value in today's, video and if you did make sure hit that subscribe and like button, it is greatly greatly appreciated.

As always, and with that being said, i will catch you all later. You