Cardano Gains On Bitcoin (INTENSE Price Action Ahead)

If blockchain technology was a kung fu movie, then ada is the guy who spent years living on top of a mountain, doing one-fingered push-ups chopping trees with his bare hands preparing mentally physically and spiritually to fight it out on the big stage.

Well, it's. Time has come. The moment is now and after months of speculation, cardano is finally ready to enter the ring with a deadly combination of hyper-efficient, secure and scalable smart contracts.

There's. No two ways about it: cardano is gearing up for something huge and the markets seem to be responding. Let's, get it welcome to bitboy crypto home of the bit squad, the largest and greatest crypto community.

In all the interwebs. My name is ben everyday. On this channel. I show you how to make money in crypto. If you like money in crypto, make sure to hit that subscribe button. It's been a hectic week in the crypto space we've, seen washington hacks, try to stifle innovation in devi and witness the largest network hack in device history.

And yet, despite some serious fight, the markets are looking ready for the next leg up, crypto, fear and greed is well in the green at 70, plus bitcoin is holding the forward above the 200-day moving average and ethereum is coiled up like a viper in the long Grass, but in the last day or so it's been all eyes on aydah after it went on a huge rally of 24 in just as many hours.

Yes, anticipation is sky high, that's because cardano is about to be thrown down with the big boys with an ecosystem that's, ready to take out its nunchucks and mess some people up; [ Applause ] in a live stream.

Last week, iohk's very own, mr miyagi, the all wise and knowing charles hoskinson announced they had successfully entered alonzo purple, opening up the test net up to the wider community to the total disbelief of cardano doubters.

He also gave the news we've all been waiting for, namely that an official date for the hartford combinator event will be announced. On friday. The 13th yep sure is an unlucky day for the aid of skeptics, because this means smart contracts are imminent, and while we don't know exactly when they'll be deployed.

Charles was clear that it would be before the cardano summit. In september i'll. Tell you this! You wouldn't want to be poly market right now, just check out this tweet from july when they wagered a 50 000 bet to charles about smart contracts, not going live by october.

Funny huh. I'll, tell you who isn't laughing the poly market, social media manager, that's about to get sidekicked. Meanwhile, cardano community could be about to see some pretty major returns and it's, a community.

That only goes from straight to strength. Just a few days ago, results were announced for the latest project catalyst round fund five charles, even dedicated a whole stream to reading out all 70 winners.

What a guy! If i did that for the bit squad, it would take me almost 57 days and that would get in the way of my kung fu training. So that will have to wait in the meantime. Smash that like button and subscribe button to join the bit squad and keep the channel ahead of youtube's, censorship, it's hard out there, but the community engagement works in with cardano is unrivaled in all of crypto and the level Of voter participation is growing exponentially.

Fund 5 saw 250 000 votes cast from over 30 000 unique wallets a big step up from fund 4, which was itself a step up from fund 3. at the very start of the year. Fund 2 saw just 24 000 votes from 1700 wallets.

The momentum shows no sign of slowing down either project catalyst will be soon doubling the allocation for funds six to four million dollars, as well as adding incubators accelerators and laying more groundwork to upscale the voting process, which will take place every six weeks until further notice Got ta hand it to them cardano and project catalyst are clearly demonstrating the power of decentralized funding and what a strong and committed community can achieve, speaking of which, with all the anti-d5 fud coming out of dc, we need voices in the space who can rally the Troops not just individual token holders, but the entire crypto space for anyone who hasn't seen charles's.

Recent video, responding to the senate hearing, i highly recommend you check it out. He doesn't believe in leaders, which is probably why he's such a good one, but in 10 minutes he gives a powerful account why our broken system needs fixing.

It was a damning indictment of an outdated political model and super inspiring stuff, as he pointed out, if it wasn't for one of the last living dinosaurs blocking the vote for totally unrelated reasons, we would have won because the crypto community came together In ways we haven't seen before and proved what a powerful force.

It is something which never would have happened if it wasn't for this infrastructure built. Let's, stick together and remember why we're here folks, by the way, don't forget that you guys can now support cardano and the bit squad by staking your ada right here in the bit pool.

That means you don't just get to earn interest. You can also participate in future funding rounds and governance. Decisions on cardano for more information on staking your ada click, the link in the description below.

So let's. Talk price action because ada is on an absolute tear right now in our last card, auto update, i talked about how well it held up during the mini bear market, essentially ranging in the same accumulation zone.

We saw before the run-up in may. As you can see this area at a dollar, fifty has been a major point of resistance. All year fact has been rejected four times since march. First time we saw a decisive breakout was in may, as prices rallied fast all the way up to a high of 2.

46 yesterday, ada blasted above the range for only the second time in its history then came down to test before shooting straight up through the next Resistance around the zone here, so what's next? Well, who knows by the time this video hears it might have broken through already, but don't fomo, guys, never fomo buy on the breakout and or the retest.

And if you're thinking, buy the rumor and sell the news or the hard four combinator event be warned. Is anyone who thought ethereum would dump after the london hard fork found out the hard way it's? Not always the world's greatest strategy, sometimes the good news brings in the money waiting on the sidelines.

Remember that head and shoulders pattern. Peter brant was warning us about which we told you to ignore, because the fundamentals were saying all the right things. Well, he did spot the breakout yesterday, just as it started and even suggested price action could be considered bullish as long as ada stays above 1.

25. Well, i'd, be pretty surprised to see a dollar 25 eta anytime soon. If we go down to test those levels, chances are, i'd, be scooping up as much as i possibly could. As for price predictions, the figure you're gonna see going around is five dollars, but i'm gonna raise the bar on that.

My guess is that if this main net rollout goes to script - and i wouldn't be doubting them at this point, then we could see an eight dollar ada by the end of this bull run. It's all exciting stuff. That's.

All i got be blessed: [, Music ]! You