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Cardano nfts are exploding right now and it's still so early in this video, i'll, be breaking down the best marketplace on where to buy cardinal nfts, as well as how to find cardinal nfts early and the best data tracking Tool for cardinal nfts before we get into it make sure you hit the subscribe and like button, is greatly appreciated and with that being said, welcome to the nifty verse.

So, as many of you already know, nfts have been exploding recently on ethereum i mean there is a tremendous amount of hype and demand that is going around within ethereum based nfts, and we're, starting to see a large portion of that demand, starting To trickle down to cardano and solana nfts - and this is due to the gas prices and insane aftermarket prices, we're, seeing on ethereum right now, regular retail consumers and people who don't want to spend a tremendous amount of money On nfts are not going to be able to afford the transaction gas fee costs that come with the whole ethereum ecosystem, and now we're.

Seeing people come into cardano nfts because of those lower transaction gas fees, as well as the efficiency. And now we're starting to see cardano nfts explode. Cardano can do many more transactions per second, which decreases the gas cost involved when doing a transaction with cardano.

This makes it more affordable for people who are trying to mint an nft from the start or just trying to purchase an nft on the aftermarket. Like i said, regular retail consumers are not going to be able to pay insane gas fees so being on a blockchain that allows for more transactions per second decreasing.

The gas cost really helps those people save money and that's, not the only reason. Cardano nfts are exploding, nfts in general, have just exploded recently and there's, going to be other chains that try to adopt nfts and build out an ecosystem for their own chains.

So before we get into cardinal nfts, you're, going to need a wallet to interact with this web 3 ecosystem. There are a few wallets out there that exist, but the most popular one that i've, seen being used for nfts and the easiest to understand is called the uroi wallet.

I will have the link down below to this wallet, so you can go check it out, but it's. Basically, roy make sure you are clicking and accessing the right link because there may be false links that may lead to a scam.

So once you're on the official website, all you're gonna have to do is go to click download right here so once you click that it will give you an option to download the actual wallet itself, based on what Browser you have chrome, edge, firefox, android or ios.

I am on brave, which is a chromium-based browser, so i would click chrome. It would then direct me to the chrome web store over here and, as you can see, this is an extension which you can end up. Adding and you can see it's being used by over 300 000 users at the time of recording.

So it is a pretty reputable wallet and it's. A pretty easy wallet to understand for people who are just getting into nfts right now, so when you click add to brave it'll. Just give you the process of downloading and setting up the wallet itself.

You & # 39. Ll have to set up a password as well as it will give you a seed phrase which make sure to keep and store offline, not on your computer. That phrase is what is going to keep your ada and your nfts safe.

Now, with the wallet downloaded, you'll, be able to interact with the web3 ecosystem of cardano, and we will begin talking about the best marketplace for cardano nfts, one of the most popular marketplaces is called cnft.

io. This is kind of similar to a sense of what openc is to ethereum. This is the most popular nft marketplace on cardano right now we can take a look at the homepage right here. We can click on marketplace and we will get taken to a page where we can see all of the nfts that are currently listed up on cnft.

io. We can also click sort by high to low low to high recent assets, old assets and also search for an individual nft that you want to be looking at for. I really am a fan of the ui thus far. I think it's, easy to comprehend and easy for users to understand and maneuver this website.

So, for example, let's; click one of the nfts that are listed right here. Let's, click this crypto dyno, and we can see that it takes us to a page where we're able to buy this nft asset for a certain amount of data, as well as get providing some details about the nft which The asset project, the date of mint when it was listed, the listing id the current asset as well as some of the traits that are provided for this nft.

It is similarly compared to openc if you are already familiarized with openc. They provide similar details about the current nft that you're, looking at at the listing, as well as the traits that are involved within that nft.

I'm, going to say this again, but i really enjoy the ui and design of this website. Overall, i really think it's clean, and i really think it's suitable for people who are just trying to get into cardano nfts for those people to understand there's.

Also, current sectors of that are currently not live yet, like mints like launch. These two features are currently in construction and will be coming soon to this website. It is still so early and so new for cardano nfts and the ecosystem as a whole.

That places like cnft and other marketplaces are continuing to develop and create the website, so it is better or custom for new users. Openc has an incredible advantage for being around for so long and that's, why they are so developed and have so many tools involved with them, but there's, places like cnft.

io that will continue to improve, as time goes on by The way just a quick plug make sure to go. Follow my twitter account at nft verse underscore to make sure that you're staying up to date with all of the updates.

I end up posting on my twitter account and some just exclusive information. I find on nfts now we move on to how to find cardano nfts early, and this is probably a part that a lot of you are going to be wanting to be listening to, and this website is called when cnft.

com. This website provides a lot of images. Just based on what nfts will be dropping, for example, it gives you a certain sector that says dropping this week. So all of these nfts right, all of some of nft collections, as well as art pieces, are going to be dropping this week on cardano, as well as another section that says available and coming soon.

So just kind of a preview of what nfts are yet to come for cardano and let's say we want to check out one of these entities and do some research behind it. We can then click this nft, for example crypto doggies.

It will take us to a page which will then give a brief description of the overall date and time of this release, as well as a link to the nft's website. If we click the link here, it will take us to the site that the crypto doggies are currently hosted on which then we can find their twitter their socials and do some research there, and with this you can do research on their residential district check.

How many people are currently following the current nft and what updates they're currently posting now, as most of you know, if you come from the ethereum ecosystem, we have a website called rarity tools which outlines extremely well all of the releases that are Currently, set to release for nfts we'll.

Also give you a organized look on what the current price for those nfts will be. The current stock amount, as well as the time and date, and the socials for that nft collection when is currently kind of like a bare bones version of that it doesn't have as much information as i would like to see for the Website but, like i said previously, the space for cardano's.

Nfts is incredibly incredibly new, so these websites have literally just popped up and are currently in construction for better development. So, as time goes on, i suspect either when to improve on the tools and utilization of their site or other competitors to come in and provide that for us.

Now, in this section of the video we & # 39, ll be talking about data and analytics for cardano nfts, researching data and analytics is super significant when purchasing an nft. You always want to know what's going on behind that project.

What the current transaction volume is the activity, how many people are currently getting into the project as well as the residential district? Behind it there's, a website called cnft analytics dot io, which outlines this very well for cardano nfts.

If you go to the website, you can check out right here. Just some of the cnft's. Trading volume shows you some statistics behind what the volume of the nfts in the ecosystem are. If you click the top right over here, it will give you some tabs, which is home, search top sales project, stats, top projects and marketplaces.

Let's. Click top projects. To start, it will show us a list of all of the top nfts on cardona right now, also providing some details, which is the ada volume, which means the amount of sales volume that is going on with each individual project, as well as the total sales that Have been conducted with this nft collection, as we can see right here, that space buds has taken that number one spot, with the most volume being three million eight hundred and four thousand one 162 ada, and we can also filter this data by 24 hours and the Last week, so we can check out the last week right here showing us similar data as in the all time datas, but just within a week now, if we go back to the tab, it & # 39.

Ll show us something called top sales. We can click that it will show us the highest sales that have been conducted for a cardano nft, and we can see that space bud. Serial number 3659 currently holds the top selling price for cardano nfts and the exact time it's sold as well as some more information that you can click on here.

Something cool about this website as well is, if you click the name of any nft project, let's, say space buds again for an example, we can click the name right here. It will then take us to charts and analytics behind that specific cardano.

Nft project will show us the volume, the ada volume charge, average sale, price charts and some sales scatter charts as well. If we scroll down a little bit more, it will show us the transactions that are currently happening with this specific nft collection.

The final data analysis tracking website that i wanted to show you was a website called If you go to this website, you can actually see current transactions that are happening within cardano nfts.

So, on the right hand, side of the website will be a little circle that has the words nft in it and once you click that it will take you to the site and actually show you live transactions that are currently happening within cardano nfts.

So we can see it just updated for us right there, and i would say this is pretty useful for just trying to see which nft projects are currently trending in real time right now. So if let's say a certain project, let's say this.

Baby monkey is getting a ton of transactions right now. You'll, be able to spot that and notice that and maybe want to purchase some of those nfts so of an overall recap. We have the most popular marketplace being cnft.

io for cardano nfts. We then have the place where you can find cardano nfts early and see what we'll, be releasing in the future, which is when as well as data analysis and tracking tools such as cnft, analytics.

io or All of these tools will help you navigate the cardano ecos and helping you make a better decision when purchasing a cardano nft and, as i stated multiple times in this video cardano nfts are extremely extremely new.

The ecosystem is in very early development and there are going to be websites that look a little just off-brand or bare bone-ish, but the whole reason for that being. Is it's still so new as time continues to progress.

We & # 39. Ll see some of these tools, as well as some of the marketplaces continue to progress and build out a better ecosystem for cardano nfts. Now with that being said, i hope you enjoyed today's.

Video, if you found value, make sure to hit that subscribe and like button. It is greatly appreciated with that being said, i will catch you all later me.