CloneX Release Update | How to Purchase a CloneX NFT

Yo, what is up everyone today's? Video? We're, going to be providing some major updates to one of the most hyped nft projects we have ever seen, and that nft project is called clonex which is being developed by artifact studios.

They have announced some major things i want to lay out for all of you, as well as how to purchase one of these clonex nfts. So you're, not going to want to miss out on this video, but before we do get started, make sure to hit that subscribe and like button.

It is greatly appreciated and with that being said, welcome to the nifty verse. So before we do get started, i do want to give a disclaimer and mention that this is not financial advice. I am not a financial advisor.

The nft space is incredibly risky, so please do your own research and make your own decisions. I am as well not sponsored or paid by clonex to make this video, so i just want to make that clear, but let's get it started.

I'm, going to give a brief overview right here of the clonex nft project. The clonex nft project, which is being developed by artifact studios, will be releasing sometime in early to mid-november. They were expected to actually release sometime in late october, but it does seem that they have extended their release date.

We still have yet to see a confirmed 100 exact date on when these will be releasing, but we do know it will be sometime in november. It will be a dutch auction for the public release right. The dutch auction will land somewhere between three to one ethereum right, so it'll start at one of these prices.

Right here then go down in intervals up until it ends up selling out. There will be a total of 20 000 of these avatars that will be made available here. 10 000 of those avatars will go into a pre-sale and then 10 000 will then go into a public sale.

The pre-sale from what we can see right here will contain those 10 000 avatars and be priced at .05 ethereum to get access to the pre-sale. We'll briefly touch up on that. They mentioned that you have to own at least one of the qualifying artifact studios nfts that have previously released, and they list those out right here.

Something to note these have risen in value pretty rapidly. Now, moving on to the major update, i wanted to provide to you all here. This is going to be one of the most hyped nft projects. We will see released this year.

It does rival the level of hype and hysteria. People were having for mecha verse. One of the reasons why this project is so hype is because of the squad behind it. Artifact studios is an incredibly incredibly talented and experienced squad within the nft space, as well as in the digital art world.

I've, already released plenty of nfts and have been involved in digital art for quite some time today. They have just recently announced that artifact studios is collaborating with takashi murakami, which is actually insane news they mentioned in this tweet right here.

They are incredibly proud to announce. Takashi murakami has been working with us on clonex, the best collab ever and a dream come true for us. We all gonna make it and they post a preview of what one of these may look like right here and i have to say these look absolutely phenomenal if you were already aroused for the clonex nft release and project release.

That will be happening here very soon. This has just shot it up by like 10-fold. You can see the collaboration between the two has inspired a new logo or theme for the logo right here for artifact studios, and it looks awesome.

If we also take a look through their discord, we can see some more leaks that have been provided for us here and just to take a look at some of the other avatars that will be featured within this collection.

Look this one is actually inspired by takashi murakami as well looks amazing. You can tell that they are taking their very sweet time and making sure that they are developing a high quality nft project, and i can foresee this being one of the most successful nft collections.

That we will see released this year by the way, if you're, not doing so already make sure to go. Follow my twitter account, which is linked down in the description below we're, going to be running an nft giveaway for those who are following my twitter account as well as subscribe to the youtube carry.

So you're, not going to want to miss out. They have also provided a little update on what the roadmap may look like for the clonex nft project, and we can take a look right here that includes these four things: metaverse ready, we've built a clone.

metavolt to give you access to 3d files To use across platforms, so these will already be able to be accessed within a metaverse. We then have clonex wearables dedicated clone inventory. New collection drops customize your clones as you wish, with unique wearables from artifact and its creators.

We then have forging events forged unique physical collectibles, created from your clone, get that crazy jacket, irl special access to the artifact ecosystem and clonex only experiences. So it's, not the most insane roadmap we have ever seen.

But a lot of people are believers behind artifact studios and do believe that they will be able to provide value to the holders of these avatars. So we can see some visualized form of what the roadmap will end up, looking at like so the clone.

meta 3d volt right here. We can see that these are the 3d files. Then we have the clonex space pods right, so your space to customize and upgrade to show off your nfts and hang out with your clone friends in the space.

So this is pretty cool your own little hangout session within the metaverse. Then we have the forging event. Merge worlds and forge exclusive physical collectibles from your clone and then the clonex wearables marketplace a place to customize your clone and get wearables and drops and trade with clone fred's.

So by just observing the road map and what we have seen. Thus far from artifact studios, you can just tell they know what they're doing at the moment. They're building the hype for this nft collection and i want to say the hype is building rapidly and with that new announcement of their partnership with takashi murakami, i mean the hype is just on overload at this point.

It seems that they're, setting up themselves for a thriving ecosystem for their clonex universe, so not only by selling the initial nfts as avatars, and also getting revenue from secondary sales from that they're, also going to be selling wearables And attachments you will be able to give your clonex avatars, so it'll, be interesting to see how that overall ecosystem ends up playing out.

Now, let's. Talk about how to purchase one of these nfts, how to get your hands on a clonex avatar. Now it's still early in the process, they haven't completely identified the full way they will be releasing and doing this dutch auction.

As of right now, but we do know, it will be a dutch auction right, they have announced the dutch auction will be between one to three ethereum or that will be the starting price, at least so let's. Just say it's, starting at one ethereum.

It'll, start at one ethereum and then go down in intervals based on time and it'll sell out depending on what price people want to buy in at. So let's say the majority of people in the majority of the market feel like 0.

3. Ethereum is fair. They're gonna hop in at that price, and it'll, most likely sell out at that point. Now. It could sell out at a much higher price. This is just an example. What i suggest you do is obviously make sure you're in the discord and following their twitter account for the updates surrounding the overall release.

I'm, assuming there's, going to be a website dedicated to all this and actually having a full explanation on how the mint process will end up going. As for the pre-sale, we kind of discussed it earlier in today's, video the people who will be able to purchase into the pre-sale get access to the pre-sale to those people who own previously released nfts from artifact studios, but, like i said, the Prices of those nfts has skyrocketed some even hitting 7 to 10 ethereum, even more in price, so it'll, be very expensive to get into a pre-sale.

If that is what you wish to do now, to give some of my final thoughts on this nft collection, i mean i am incredibly aroused for the release of clonex. I think the squad is just something to be bullish on overall artifact studios has proven themselves to be an experienced and professional player in the space.

Like i've said before they have released nft collections and have been in the nft space. For quite some time, as well as in the digital space, the digital art space for a long time as well, i'm. Pretty confident they'll, be able to deliver value to those token holders.

So i'm aroused to see the release once it does end up coming out now. To be frank, it will be a difficult release to get access to right unless you want to pay an extremely high price to mint during the dutch auction or get a pre-sale access spot by purchasing one of those previously released nfts from artifact studios.

We'll, see what ends up happening. Hopefully i'll, be able to purchase it to the dutch auction at an appropriate price. I don't know if i'm, going to spend three ethereum at the gate, just to be able to admit one of these, but who knows let's, see what happens now by the way this video is in.

No way telling you to go, buy clonex nfts, i'm just covering it here in today's, video, because i am extremely aroused for this nft collection and even though i did cover in today's. Video and i'm talking about it right now.

That does not mean this. Nft collection will succeed. The nft space is still incredibly risky, and that is something to take into account by the way. If you're looking at to get more into the nft space and get early information with what's, going on in nfts, make sure to join our discord server, which is linked down in the description below.

We have a ton of people in there, including myself that are constantly talking about nfts and providing some of that nft alpha and now. Let me know your thoughts on what you think of the clonex nft project.

Are you aroused for it? Do you think it will be one of the largest nft releases we will see yet. Let me know down in the comment section below so, if you did enjoy this video or found some value make sure to hit that subscribe and like button, it is greatly appreciated.

As always, and with that being said, i will catch you all later.