Crypto DEAD? (BIGGEST News Story)

Welcome to bible crypto: this is your daily crypto wrap up back by popular demand. I missed a few nights uh i'm going on vacation, so maybe i'll do them! Maybe i won't. We'll, see when the new year gets back in full swing.

Certainly, we'll, come back to uh these videos. My wife is sounding at me. What are you sounding at me for just smiling at what i do when you're? The best we love her uh, so anyways guys let's. Take a look at uh.

What is going on in the markets? Um we've, got bitcoin down to forty six thousand five hundred and sixty six dollars. It kind of sucks ethereum's at 36.50 uh. Looking at everything, everything's down today i mean guys.

Is this something you all really want? You want to be super unrestrained by the market being down. Nobody wants that. So let's. Take a look at the one coin: that's continued to go up near protocol up 13 uh, 13.

6 pct uh al goran, also up leo celsius. A lot of kind of like platform coins are doing kind of okay um. We're. Looking at trading view here, i want to show you guys um on the daily chart we looked at earlier this morning on the live stream about the the weekly chart still looks like bullish.

We're on an uptrend. We're at the bottom end could be a chance for some longs. I got liquidated last night um, so it wasn't. Wasn't super good, because i i was hoping that we weren't going to drop down below 47.

We did, but i'm, not in a trade currently right now, but you will look on here. You will see. We exactly bounced off of the support so that's. Pretty bullish - and you know i don't know what we're going to see tomorrow.

A lot of people think tomorrow we're, going to see a dramatic drop. You know one way or the other it's written in the stars. Some may say uh, but uh yeah. I'm. I'm gonna retire for the rest of this year for making predictions, so we & # 39, ll, see what happens um, but anyways guys going back to the news.

I just want to show you how dead everything is right now and i'll, be honest with you, the fact that crypto is so dead right now, crypto news specifically, you know that leads me to believe that we could still have some hope for Going up because the fact that there's, no news at all nothing good coming out and the price is not dramatically dumping it's down.

You know five or ten pct over the last week. Whatever we see that a lot that's kind of bullish, i mean, if you look at coin telegraph coin televised we call it. I mean there's, a poly group poly. This is the biggest news of the day.

By the way, this is the biggest news of the day on every site. Right now, polygon upgrade fixed a bug that put polygon at risk: 24 billion dollars worth of matic. This is the big news of the day. There was a bug and they fixed it, and nothing happened.

So you can't make this stuff up. I did notice here on cointelli, though they do have a specific, specific uh area now, just for metaverse news come over here to coindesk. This is how you know stuff is dead right now.

The top tale is the end of year. Review el salvador uh come over here and look at decrypt. The decrypt is always on the cutting edge of stuff. In my opinion, you can see here they're talking about the blockbuster dow.

They're talking about metaverse um. They're. Talking about some ethereum addresses there, but then they're. Talking about this metaverse. You know airdrop or nft, airdrop, um and then down here. They're.

Talking more about metaverse metaverse is in right now, nfts are in all the attention is going. That way will crypto steal the show again we'll have to see, and we're, seeing a division in crypto like we've, never seen before, where we are seeing.

People know about crypto without being in crypto, and what i mean by that is people that are interested in gaming, nfts and metaverse. They're, not necessarily crypto people right now, and it's. Super interesting that this is where the crypto news sites are pointing the attention to so i know, let me know down below in the comments.

What do you think is going on right now with the news? What do you think the big tale is drop it down below and uh? I'll, see you on the live stream in the morning, so god be blessed.