How to Find NFT Projects EARLY (best method)

Yo, what is everyone in today's? Video? I'm, going to show you how i find nft projects early. I'm, going to show you a multitude of ways. People and myself are finding nft projects early to get into. There are so many nft projects that are releasing in this space, but there are very few that are actually good.

These tools are going to help you identify these projects early. I know i've made a video on this in the past before, but i think it's time. We & # 39, ve updated it. So you're, not going to want to miss out on all the things.

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I do want to give a disclaimer mention that this is not financial advice. I am not a financial advisor. The nft space is incredibly risky, so please do your own research and make your own decisions. So we're first, going to be describing the basic tools that many people already know within the nft space.

I want to lay them out here very quickly because i think it's still crucial for new people who are entering the nft space to know about these tools. We're first, going to talk about two very popular websites that people use to find ethereum nfts early.

Now i want to say: is one of the most popular, if not the most popular website, to find upcoming nfts that are releasing here in the near future. On ethereum, if you go to, you can click up here and click the upcoming tab.

It will then provide you a list of all the upcoming nft collections that are happening on a theorem and even some cases on solana. If we scroll down here, we can see a multitude of different nft collections that are set to release sometime in the near future.

For example, right here we can see for this nft project. It will provide us the social links, the discord twitter, as well as the website, as well as some information provided behind the release. The information includes the pre-sale price, the sale price, the total amount of nfts for this collection, as well as just some details on the date that it will be releasing.

This can be incredibly useful for just identifying which nft collections are set to release sometime in the near future. Now another incredibly popular website, people use, which is similar to rarity tools for ethereum nfts, is going to be nftcatcher.

io. Now it's, similar in a sense where it will list all of the nfts that we're, currently going to be dropping sometime in the near future. I'd like to use both of these websites because in some instances one of the websites actually contain nfts, the other does not so it's just useful to take a look at these websites every once in a while or every Day, if you're incredibly involved with the nft space, just to keep yourself updated now that was for ethereum nfts.

We can take a look at a very popular website that is similar to both of those websites we just previously mentioned, but for solana, nfts, and that website is called how rare dot is - and this is by far the most popular place, to look for new nfts And upcoming nfts for solana, you can see on this website.

We can scroll down here and in a similar fashion. It will provide us the name as well as the social links, as well as some details behind the release for the nft collections that are set to release sometime in the near future.

One of the unfortunate things that i have always complained about is that they do not provide pictures for these nft collections, so you will have to single-handedly click each individual social profile to see what they look like.

There is a ton of nft collections that are releasing on solana right now, so this is going to be incredibly useful if you are looking at to get into solana nfts now those are just some of the basic sites that basically everyone knows in the world of nfts To look for upcoming new releases, we're now going to provide and talk about some little more advanced tools that people use to identify new and upcoming collections, and those tools are called mint scanners or mint trackers.

What these mint scanners or trackers do is they actually track? What is being minted in real time, and we'll. Look at certain contracts on ethereum and see which of these contracts are actually getting live mint at the moment from people.

This will help you identify which nft releases are currently getting a lot of traction right now, and it will signal you possibly to maybe go check out that nft collection to possibly mint it. This will also help you provide you.

Awareness on stealth, drops and stealth drops. Are basically nft collections that release without doing any publication or marketing for that collection, so they won't post their collection on rarity tools or any other basic website that lists the upcoming nfts coming in the near future.

What i'm about to show you is actually going to be incredibly useful, because without this you wouldn't be able to know if that collection actually released until it's too late. So there's. A multitude of different websites that actually offer this right now, but the two ones i'm going to focus on right here - are going to be called icy tools and dance also list off the other websites here in just a second right here.

But taking a look at ic tools, which is the first tool we're, going to take a look at right now we can see something called top mint and you can access this through going to their website clicking discover.

Then it will take. You to some place called top mints right, and you can see that you can order by time period right here and what this shows you is. It shows you, the collections, the nft collections that are currently minting right now in real time.

We can see right here in real time that the skullx nft collection in the past hour has minted 222 times. It has 32 unique mentors as well as 4 610 mints all time. So if you weren't previously aware of this nft collection, you're, aware of it now, because it's showing up here, and if you wanted to do more research on this nft collection.

Specifically, you can end up clicking that and it will take you certain links to their social profiles, such as their website, their openc official webpage, their twitter, as well as their discord and ether scan.

So this will help you do a little more research on the nft collection. You're, possibly looking at to get into now something to know. We can see that the 15 and 30 minute time frames are crossed out right now.

There is a paywall to get access to those time frames, but for the most part it is free. Now nancy is another website that offers this tool as well, but it is a fairly a little bit more expensive. You can get a seven-day trial for nine dollars, but after the trial, the prices are going to be extremely expensive.

Looking at its standard for its lowest plan at fourteen hundred dollars per year, this is definitely a tool that is for more advanced traders and people who are really dived in into the nft space. There's also another place called mobidajiji, which also offers this feature, but it is also behind a paywall.

So your best shot at the moment is probably going to be ic tools because it does provide some of these time frames for free and, like i said, these mint scanners are going to be incredibly incredibly useful for identifying these nft collections that you just didn't know about previously, it will help you identify which nft collections are currently seeing some trends right now, as well as stealth drops.

I'm, going to provide you the last way and probably the best way for people to find nft collections. Extremely early now this is probably going to sound weird, but one of the best ways to find nfts early is to be plugged in on twitter and discord.

If you're surrounding yourself with good communities and following really good people within the space, you are going to be intact. With what's, going on within nfts, you'll, also see very certain trends, extremely early, as well as identifying which nft projects have hype coming out in the near future.

Now i personally do this. I spent a ton of time on twitter just scouting out so many different tweets. One thing you can do: i know it's gonna sound, like a little plug for myself, but in all seriousness, what you can do is check out my twitter and check out the people.

I'm following and give those people a follow as well people i end up following on my twitter are people i personally find useful and if you're already, there already make sure to hit that follow. For me, too, it's, greatly appreciated greatly appreciate it, but in all seriousness the people who i actually follow, i think, provided a lot of value within the space.

Another couple cool things you can do on twitter. You can actually type nft right here. Right and just check out some of the trending tweets that are happening with this keyword, which is nft. You may be able to find some crucial news happening within the nft space or just some current trends that you should be aware of.

Another thing i do like to do is type in nft stealth drop or nft drop in general to see what nft collections they're, trying to do a stealth drop or currently releasing this one's a little more difficult, but you May be able to find something this way now, i do have to give a shout out to another.

Nft youtuber, which is john carlo, buys tokens. He's, a great nft youtuber. By the way, you should definitely go check him out. One of his videos gave me an insight of this tool right here, which i previously didn't, know of which i find incredibly useful, and what you can do is you can actually type in a person within the nft space that is very plugged In right, so let's say, for example, myself of course right, but we can actually go to this section.

It'll, pull up the profile, the twitter profile. For myself, we can click the follow tab and by clicking the following tab. We can actually see the individuals and people i am following in actual order, so sup the company is actually the recent most profile.

I ended up following and you might be asking. Why is this useful? Well, you can check out people who are actually very involved with the nft space and have a ton of knowledge and who you would assume to be plugged in following certain accounts very early.

So what this allows you to do is let's say you want to check out a prominent nft influencer and see who are they following to potentially get insight on what they're doing? They might be following an nft collection.

That is under the radar and possibly set here to explode very soon. You never really know so. I have been using this tool very frequently for that purpose, and i find it incredibly incredibly useful, and one of the other places i did mention is that you can go on discord and just stay plugged in with the nft residential area.

There are plenty of discords out there where you can go check out and a ton of people are actively engaging and talking about with what's going on in nfts. This is incredibly useful because multiple people looking at into certain projects, is better than just your individual self.

A lot of you will be able to bounce ideas and give notice to certain people about nft projects that were previously unaware. One of the places you can do that is, you can check out my discord, which is linked down in the description below, and we are constantly talking about nft projects on a daily basis.

This is one of the reasons i opened up my discord, because i want all of us to talk about nfts and just kind of talk about with what's going on in the nft space. I think there's, value and just overall communication, but just something to know my discord is not the only one that's.

Doing this. There are plenty of other discords out there that are also providing the same level of value, and those are the ways i personally find nfts early. These are a lot of the tools that i use on a consistent and daily basis to do research within the nft space and identify those projects i am looking at to get into early, so hopefully you did find some value in today's, video and Let me know down in the comment section below which one of these tools you are going to end up using and whenever i find something new and i think it's useful.

I will make sure to provide a video, so i can share it with all of you. So if you did once again find some value and some enjoyment in this video make sure you hit that subscribe and like button, it is greatly appreciated.

As always, and with that being said, i will catch you all later.