How to get Whitelisted for the NEXT 100x NFT Project!

So you clicked on this video because you want to know how to get whitelisted for these popular nft collections. The people who are getting whitelisted are able to actually mint the nft collection before it goes into its public sale and the reason why many nft collections are doing this now is because they are trying to avoid a gas war that's going to Happen on ethereum if it goes all into a public mint.

The demand for some of these popular nft projects has just been way too high and it's, causing a lot of issues for these popular nft collections. In this video i'm, going to be showing you how people are getting whitelisted for these nfts now, just a heads up.

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So before we do get started, i do want to give a disclaimer and mention that this is not financial advice. I am not a financial advisor. The nft space is incredibly risky, so please do your own research and make your own decisions so before we actually get into the process of how people are getting whitelisted into these nft collections, we first have to find these nft collections.

How are we supposed to find popular nft collections nowadays? So there are ways people are able to become aware of certain nft collections that are releasing. Those tools consist of places and websites like rarity tools and nft capture for ethereum or how rare dot is for solada.

There's, also different social media platforms that consist of youtube twitter and discord that also post this information as well. If you are following and connected with the right people through twitter, for example, i have found a lot of collections that i previously did not know of anywhere else.

The congregate of the nft space mostly lands on twitter, and that is one of the main places and hubs that the nft space and the people within it like to communicate on. So you'll, be getting a lot of good alpha there.

If you are following people within the space and what you can do is you can just hop on my twitter and you can either follow me or follow the people that i'm currently following right now, because i do end up posting a lot Of these projects that do come up on my radar and, of course, on this conduct, i'm constantly talking about new upcoming nft releases that are happening right now and there are just so many nft projects that are happening right now.

So on the conduct, i try to focus on ones that i personally think are going to be good. You can actually check a video up above on some of the most recent nft collections that we'll, be releasing sometime in the near future that i think, have a ton of potential now, since we have talked about how to find these nft collections And just become aware of them.

I know i didn & # 39. T go super in depth in that, but that's, not the purpose of today's. Video the purpose of today's. Video is to understand how people are getting whitelisted for the nft projects that we end up finding, and there are a multitude of ways.

People are getting whitelisted for these certain nft projects and the first example we'll, be talking about here - is riddles or kind of a scavenger hunt questionnaire. Now we're gonna use this nft project for an example kaiju kings.

Now kaiju kings is an nft collection that has recently released and it contains 3 33 of these little pixelated dragons. Now this was an extremely popular project that had a lot of people frantic for it and leading up to the release, the devs and the squad.

Behind the project just estimated that there was too much demand for the nft collection to have just a regular public mint, so what they ended up doing was releasing somewhat of a scavenger hunt or a questionnaire that people had to figure out in a certain timeframe or Be first to figure out that will give them access to a certain private discord server which will get them whitelisted to mint the nft project.

So we can take a look down here and scroll down here that they have a bunch of just different questions. Some that are unrelated to kaiju kings, some that are related to the kaiju king's, nft collection that we had to answer and actually formulate some sort of url by sorting out the answers to these questions.

So it was a very unique little way that was able to filter out a lot of people very quickly. I mean let's be honest. Some of these projects, like kaiju kings, are making me figure out. Scavenger hunts and riddles.

Like i'm indiana jones now, let me be upfront i suck at these questionnaires or scavenger hunts. Maybe i'm too stupid, or i'm, not very smart in that sense, but for some reason i am extremely slow at figuring out these questions or these riddles that are associated with these types of white lists.

But some people are good at it. Some people are just good at this type of stuff and at the same time you know, even though i may suck it is kind of fun to play around and just to figure out some type of riddle or figure out.

Some type of question to overall get access to the mint, so it's, an actually pretty exciting experience, and i think this is just one of the ways that will continue to be popularized with certain popular nft projects.

I think a lot of popular nft projects will kind of adopt this system of doing some sort of scavenger hunt, questionnaire or riddle that will give people access to a whitelist. Now, moving on from that, we're, going to talk about discord related ways that a lot of these projects do to actually give whitelist spots to certain people to mint the project early and a lot of nfp projects do end up doing this and It's, probably the most popular ways that i have seen thus far and the first set of ways.

Nft projects like to utilize discords, to give out whitelist spots, is by giving out whitelist spots to the very first members that are joining, that discord. Server so for an example right here we're, taking a look at my discord server and there's, no nft collection that's sorted out with this discord server.

This is just for an example. Let's just say i wanted to give whitelist spots to the first 500 or a thousand members that ended up joining the discord server. I can go and sort through the discord, server and see who were those first 1000 or 500 people and give those people whitelist spots for supporting the project early.

The next way that i've, seen nft projects. Utilize discords to give out whitelist for is actually through people, inviting others with a discord, invite which allows them to get whitelisted if a certain amount of those people that were invited from that one user end up joining the discord server.

So basically, they're incentivizing users to send out invites to get a whitelist spot, and this in itself actually helps the nft collection grow in terms of their discord, size and actually the potential buyers that will possibly buy that nft collection.

Now, in my opinion, it is kind of a weird marketing tactic. Right it's, not the most. You know beautiful thing to look at, but at the same time it does work for a lot of people. So i'm, not going to knock any project that does end up doing this, but something i do want to make aware is that there are a lot of scams that happens within discord dms.

So i basically do not read these discord. Dms and i do not click any of the links that are provided to me within discord, and i suggest you don't really do so either. But i'm, just showing you this, because there are certain nft projects that do give out whitelist spots in this manner and the last popular way that's associated with discord is actually nft collections rewarding and giving certain active members within That biotic community whitelist spots for that nft collection, so by being an active biotic community member by participating in the chats, maybe helping newcomers out or by just chatting in the server and certain founders and certain squads of these nft collections will reward you with a certain access spot.

A whitelist bot for that nft collection, but that's all dependent if they're, actually doing something like that, and another way i've seen people actually get white listed is actually by just doing some marketing or doing Some content for the nft collection by doing some sort of marketing tactic or getting more exposure to the project.

It is more likely they will actually reward you with a whitelist spot. Now this is not the case for every nft collection. Only certain nft collections will end up doing that, but it's, just a possibility.

I wanted to mention there and there's. One very last way i wanted to mention here, and we're, going to be using the project clonex that we'll, be releasing here in the near future. For an example, now the creators behind clonex are artifact studios which have released nfts in the past and what they're doing, for their upcoming release is giving pre-sale and whitelist access to those holding.

Those nfts that have previously released so artifact studios is showing all the nfts here that will have this white sale pre-sale access for holders, so this is just the very last popular way. I see a lot of projects giving whitelist and pre-sale access to certain holders and people by the way, if you're, not doing so already make sure to go.

Follow my twitter account at nfp underscore we're, going to be running a giveaway for a spicy pumpkins nft in celebration of halloween. Now to be eligible to win this giveaway. You must subscribe to the youtube conduct and follow the twitter account.

That is linked down in the description below now. Those are the ways people are actually getting white listed for these popular nft collections. Now i want to talk about the long term issue that's, possibly being created here and going a little bit in depth as to why the white list even is existing in the first place.

Now, as we stated at the beginning of this, video projects want to do some sort of white list, or popular projects want to do some sort of white list or pre-sale to avoid a gas war that is going to happen on the ethereum network.

They don't want to potentially risk millions of dollars being lost in gas from the people who are actually frantic for the project in the first place, because having a poor, mint and people unhappy with how the execution of the mint went is not Very good for a project's, health, so by doing a white list or doing a pre-sale, it actually limits that risk substantially.

Now it's unfortunate, but it's just become incredibly difficult because of all the bots and of the people trying to game the system to actually mint and get these nfts at their retail cost. There are actually sophisticated technologies out there and bots that are actually being utilized to mint some of these nft collections or try to game the system.

So they are actually at an advantage over a regular user that is using no technology, no bot to actually try to mint that nft and some people with these bots can mint up to 10 15, 20, 50, 100 nfts from a certain nft collection.

If that nft project is not doing the right things in order to combat that and that's, also one of the reasons we've been seeing a lot of white lists and pre-sales happening, because bots have really started to take over The public mint and it's becoming very difficult to just be an average person to mint one of these popular nft projects, and i don't mean to be the bearer of bad news.

But at the same time, the nft space is increasingly becoming more popular and it is going to become more competitive to mince these nft collections. A lot of people are going to be coming into the space.

Looking at some of the same nft collections that everyone wants and if the public sale is too difficult for them to get into what they're going to do, is try to get access to the white list or try to get access to a Pre-Sale, so that is going to become competitive as well, and, to be honest, it already kind of is now.

I want to provide some solutions. I could foresee happening here in the near future because of the demand and the bots that exist within the space now that it's becoming so difficult to actually mint these collections at their retail price.

I can foresee a few things happening here shortly and those things would actually be dutch auctions and more raffles, as well as people just being frustrated with the overall mint process and purchasing nft collections from the secondary market.

Now, if the majority of the people feel like questionnaires scavenger hunts being early to a discord, you know doing some sort of crazy thing to mint. An nft collection is just unfair overall. Why don't nft collections just do more raffles right, you might as well just cut it into a straight raffle and give everyone an equal opportunity to potentially get one of these nfts.

The only downside with that is now. There are a ton of bots that will just act as a bunch of people trying to enter that raffle right. So it's up to the creators of those certain nft projects to actually prevent that from happening, which is possible.

They just have to do it right. The next portion, which i'm, not too big of a fan of, is dutch auctions. Dutch auctions are basically where there is a set price, a starting price that will then decrease in intervals to the very low price that will be able to be minted.

So let's, use an nft collection for an example right, let's. Just say this nft right here. The dutch auction is starting at two ethereum and going all the way down to .05 ethereum now. Basically, what this allows is basically allows people to mint based on demand and show the actual true value of what the nft is worth so that nft could possibly sell out.

You know let's say for an example at one ethereum or 0.75 ethereum. Just depending on how much demand is actually going for that project, the good things about this process is obviously it prevents a gas war from really happening here and at the same time, you're.

Getting the true value of the nft. The downside is, is that the mint price is probably a lot higher than what we're, going to expect it to be, and that will cut out a lot of people within the space that just don't have enough money to Spend on that certain nft, so that's really.

The main reason i'm, not a big fan of this, but i could see this becoming a more popular way that a lot of other nft projects are going to be using in the future. And if you're frustrated with everything about the minting process, the last way i stated was just by purchasing on the secondary market.

There are nft collections out there. There are nft projects out there that already have pretty decent squads and have good qualities behind them. I know all of us may be just so focused up on what is new.

What is releasing now we have to get in at a mint price. We have to get in right at the spawn of its existence, but at the same time, some of the best gains and opportunities and best nfts already exist on the aftermarket, and i personally do a lot of my research there and i personally buy a lot of My nfts there as well, i've, actually seen more success in this sector than actually minting nfts, but at the same time i like to dabble in both, i think both are fun and both have cool advantages and disadvantages to them.

Now that's, basically it for this video. I hope you found some value today and let me know what you think about the overall minting process or overall whitelist process of how people are getting whitelist for these nft collections.

If you're fed up with it, let me know in the comments, if you like it, let me know down in the comments if you're down to do scavenger, hunts and figure out riddles, let me know down in the comment Section below too, and if you want to talk more about nfts and certain nft collections that are upcoming, make sure to go check out my discord right.

We're constantly talking about nfts. I'm constantly in there, providing just some of my thoughts on certain nft collections and what's going on within the market. And if you did end up enjoying today's.

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