Insane BITCOIN BREAKOUT! (PROOF this Crypto Rally is Real!!!)

Welcome to bitboy crypto uh: this is your daily crypto wrap up now, usually i tell you about the day tarradiddle and stuff like that, but look. No one cares about that right now. Bitcoin has taken the spotlight, so we're gonna be taking a look at market cyber trend lines bitcoin, you know charts.

What makes me believe that this is finally the moment that we have been waiting for as we look poised to get back above some ema ribbons, some really exciting stuff going on right now, with bitcoin, let's start off by looking at at the market.

Bitcoin coming in right now, 51 315 and look at the market cap 971.6 billion, hopefully very soon, heading back over a trillion dollars for the bitcoin market cap. We got some other nice coins here, um they're nice pumps ethereum at 4100, but look at cardano up a whopping 10 today, as you guys can see where's, that right there, ten percentage almost back to a dollar.

Fifty tara luna at 13.1 percentage up today, um shiv dot. All up today, the biggest mover of the day sandbox, followed by ave gala games, decentraland cro luna phantom sushi quan, all the coins that were pumping before the dump.

So all right, let's. Check this out, because i i just i've - been fascinated by this. So if we go back to may okay, we've had um let's, see one two, three four four major corrections: now one of them was kind of a correction within a correction um, and you know what we just saw are Kind of two trends coming together over the last uh week or so, but i want to show you guys this so when you look back here at bitcoin for right now, now we've, been looking at at this chart for a little bit here.

Okay, we've, been looking at at the longer term downtrend since the peak in november, we've, been looking at at the shorter trend down here. Something very significant happened in the last few days i've pointed out several times.

We are now above both of those lines and look at this. We've wicked off of the top of the ema ribbon. We could be jumping up above that as soon as tonight or tomorrow. That will be phenomenal news for bitcoin breakout conference.

I started thinking well, we had a lot of corrections. Did we have any fake outs? Did we have any fake outs during the last several corrections? And the answer to that is no. Every time we broke out, we broke out massively.

Now i didn't chart this one. You might could consider this one right here to be a fake out, but it wasn't, really a giant dip or a giant correction. So i'm, not actually counting that. So look at this one uh going back to that would have been uh the beginning of september.

Through the end of september, you saw this massive run down: boom boom boom boom off the top of the wick off the next biggest wick boom boom boom. Look at that solid breakout, let's go back over here.

This is uh. Basically the july that led to the bottom of the market. Pretty much look at this boom boom boom boom breaks out. Then we look at the larger the longest downtrend of the entire summer. You guys can see on that trend line.

Hits there there two times right. There comes down wicks off that once when it finally breaks above it it moves. The point is this: the bitcoin market is still in a bull market. In my opinion, whenever we get these breakouts, they're, leading to massive movement, and i know y'all made so much fun of me for these green dots.

I know - or maybe i took it too personally, whatever the case may be, but look here we got our two green dots and now we're. Getting our breakout just go ahead and tell me that it don't work and you gonna get some coal and you're stalking, all right that's.

All god be blessed good way out.