PayPal SECRET Crypto Plan EXPOSED! (EASIEST 2022 Crypto Profit Strategy Revealed)

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More than ever they don't want this information out so make sure you are doing that. Okay, let's, go and get started. We'll start look at the bitcoin chart here, um, which is very interesting because right now, bitcoin's coming in at 41.

7, uh the daily candle so far is green. We'll, see what happens with that firmly under the ema ribbon. But, as you guys can see here, we are on this momentum wave. We're gonna get a green dot here very soon.

We know these ones did not play out. We've, looked at patterns in the past, where you get the green dots. Remember these green dots play out like 80 of the time uh or a cluster plays out 80 of the time, so didn't play out this last time.

Of course, it was the time i made a big deal about it, but you know whatever all right: let's, go ahead and check out the markets. We got each coming in at 3, 200. um, we've, got uh xrp at 76 cents cordano at a dollar 22.

. Nothing really moving that much. Since this morning, biggest movers of the day we got chain link dash, icp wi-fi. They are moving a little bit, so let's, go and check out the news we & # 39. Ve got some really interesting tarradiddle.

Um we have paypal. Okay, paypal is going to be exploring a stablecoin. A dev found a code inside of some paypal uh, you know org structure, i don't, really know where they found the code. I guess they found it.

You know some back alley. I guess they got it from some random guy. But the point here is this: is that paypal is exploring stable coins? It's very interesting for two reasons: number one they already own paxos, which has a stable coin number two, is that stable coins are in the you know the eye of the target right now, the eye of the storm they're In the middle of the bullseye for regulators, so this is very odd timing.

Maybe why they didn't want it leaked. You know what it reminds me of is when the coinbase lin program got announced and then the sec came in and shut that down. Could this be paypal, throwing a softball to the sec, so they can come in and hit stable coins harder, definitely, a possibility.

Uh market rap crypto traders reduce leverage selling pressure subsides. Now the account is all about how a lot of traders were getting deleveraged. There were a lot of liquidations. You know i don't know if people were trying to go long, but people kept trying to buy the dip with long plates and they kept getting crushed over and over and over again, a lot of liquidations, like i mentioned here,'S what i really want to tell you - and this is not in this article - i've - been telling you for weeks now that the institutions have not been moving at all.

They've, not been trading. Think about what happened a few days ago on bitcoin's, 13th birthday, the third largest bitcoin whale bought 456 bitcoin. Very strange. Very strange, then also binance made a gigantic buy as well.

Ever since those things occurred, the volatility came back in it's almost like that third largest bitcoin wallet acts as a dog whistle to the institutions to let them know whether they should be jumping back in or not, and now what we've seen is after that happened, pushing the price down.

Maybe for one last you know accumulation period with the fed stuff coming in march, telling you just it's. Gon na be hard to see it go up after that, so it's. Gon na need a quick run, or maybe we'll, be in a really really prolonged market here, or maybe a bear market here are the most predictable tokens of 2021 thought.

This was really interesting. Just wanted to cover this axia infiniti uh voyager token sand, matic avalanche cake, cody, phantom eagle, ave, uh, lena luna, telcoin, uh, teller, lrc, which i think a loopering origin curve.

I don't know what rgt is reserve rights and audience now very fascinating stuff. Here there's, not one niche that dominates but notice this. It is full of defy full of lair ones and full of metaverse.

Take that for what it's worth, we do expect to see those kinds of projects move in 2022., all right that's. All i got be blessed boy out.