🚨SPECIAL REPORT 🚨 Most Important Crypto Regulation of Our Lifetimes!!!

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Listen today tonight i'm telling you guys. We have got some of the craziest tarradiddle going on in the world of crypto. You & # 39. Ve got to see this to believe this. That's, not click bait, maybe the most crucial taradiddle of our lifetimes.

It's, not an exaggeration when it comes to our finances, all right. Let's start by looking at at bitcoin here coming in at 43.6. Looking pretty good, we're, going to look at maybe why that's, bottomed uh, ethereum back at 33 by nance coyne, climbing towards 481 solana, 150 bucks, 8.

32 xrp, almost back to 80 cents, dot and luna rounding up the top 10 Biggest gainers of the day we're gonna go through this real quick. We got harmony and sheba, making big moves. Uh, ecomi, uh, olympus, dow.

We have cello cvx all with over tempers and gains thor chain, kadena a lot of things over 10 gains today, um the price of bitcoin. You guys can see we did get our big green dot on the daily chart. The other day frank talked about this.

This morning we're in this transmit right now and it looks like we're about in the middle of the transmit. We could break up or break out, but regardless uh, there's. A lot of interesting tarradiddle going on right now, so let's start getting to those um.

We have this. This is just kind of what's happening here, guys it's, not what necessarily we think about our inflation. It's. What the world thinks about it. China, crypto prices are now starting to rise, because asia's, betting or asia is trading on the fact that uh, the the crypto that uh sorry excuse me.

The inflation news in the united states was better than they expected it to be, so that's very interesting point. Four percentage month over month, they're gonna give you the year-over-year numbers this overall at seven percentage.

For the last year, which is really bad but over the month to month, is getting shorter and shorter. That's, not the crucial taradiddle. We got two massively crucial tarradiddle here. Uh number one: we have derivatives coming to coinbase.

You are going to be able to long and short bitcoin and other assets on coinbase. Today they bought fair x now. Is there a coincidence that the crypto prices plunged right as they were, making this purchase a lot of coinbase uh, you know executives were cashing out.

Was this because they knew this purchase was coming um we don't really know the answer. That question is a much bigger taradiddle. We'll, be talking about tomorrow, but here is the most crucial taradiddle. This is representative tom emmer.

Now this is the litmus test of your government. Listen to this a bill seeks to ban the fed from issuing digital currency to consumers. Tom emmer is trying to push a bill right now to where, if it gets passed, the government would not be allowed to create a cbdc okay tom emmer cites what's happening in china with the digital yuan and how this brings gigantic mass surveillance Problems - okay, so here we go think about this.

If this this is it guys, this is the biggest build we've ever seen in crypto. Here is why, if this gets approved, there will be no cbdc coming in america. There's. No digital dollar - maybe it's. Bitcoin we don't, know what it is, but if this bill gets struck down, this is the government telling you that they are coming out with a surveillance, heavy permissioned, private blockchain that they want.

All your information on that we are going to do a digital dollar cbdc and it's, probably not going to be usdc. At that point, it will probably be one that we create um. So what he said here is um central banks across the world are considering cbdc's.

China already has emmer warns that a digital currency issued by the fed could be a slippery slope in which consumers could one day be forced to register with the central bank to access money which could in turn, lead to mass surveillance of their activity.

So think about this world, we live in right now think about how all this stuff is politically driven right. Now we're living in a world where they're telling you you don't even need an id to go vote. Okay, you need an id to do a lot of other things.

They're telling you you, don't have to have an id to go vote, but what these people are trying to usher in is a system to where your identification is always locked. 100 percentage to your money. Think about how insane that is, they want to make it to where you, if you do something against the government, you want to talk about if you've, seen nosedive, which is a black mirror episode that's.

What this comes into play here: okay, social scores! What if your social credit is not good enough? The bank won't, let you withdraw a certain amount of money and it's all tied to your identity, and this could be introducing a social tour down the road.

So we've got to watch this. This is a super crucial bill. I know we went over tonight, but this is so crucial. I can't put it into words this. Is it guys this is it if this gets approved there will be no digital dollar coming if it doesn't get approved, that is the government telling you they want to have the wiggle room for mass surveillance and the american financial.

You know corrupted part of the government is going to make sure that it's, a private permission blockchain. That is not anything that we've. Seen before that is not open source. It is not like bitcoin, it is.

It is nothing else out there. They're, telling you they want the wiggle room to be able to create a cashless society to where every single transaction you make is is tracked not by facebook, not by amazon by the united states government.

Watch this. This is really big. I tend to think tom member is going to get in trouble. He's, going to have some uh. You know answering for this because i don't think the government is quite ready to make that call yet to tell you exactly what their plans are.

But this right here is the clue that's, going to expose the plan of the united states. We know the fed is coming out with a report very soon. They're, making opinions. They're, making stances on crypto making stances on the digital dollar, making stances on the cbdc's.

So watch out for that you & # 39. Ve got banks getting together talking about usdf and creating you know: independent stable coins of crypto that are really just bank friendly. You've got the you know so much going on right now.

It is hard to understand the scope that what we're, looking at at with the regulation of crypto, and i for one, am extremely intrigued to see where this is going to go, overshadowing the coinbase taradiddle in the bitcoin price.

This is really, in my opinion, the first time we've had crypto news, big enough to be able to get me worked up about doing one of these videos. The first time in weeks that we've had crypto news, big enough or bigger than the price of bitcoin and where it's.

Moving for weeks and weeks that's, all we've been covering basically, but you & # 39. Ve got a lot of moving parts and it makes sense if you think about it. We have the end of the year, which almost all businesses shut down for the end of the year.

I watched one tick tock video, where a guy was saying don't ever take your pto at the end of the year, because if you go into work in between in between christmas and new year's, you're. Not going to do anything anyways, you're, only going to work for an hour or two and go home.

The government's. Doing the same things. The media publications are doing the same thing now that that has cleared out now. We're, seeing things come back to the forefront, and i think this is where we really have to pay attention to the clues.

Not only our financial future, like i mentioned, but also the clues for where bitcoin is going to be going, we saw what asia thought about our inflation numbers. So very interesting, bitcoin start picking back up today.

Well to see what happens, we need to break that 44.. All right guys that's, all i got be blessed. God bless tom member