The Next NFTs to EXPLODE! New NFT Projects - The Sevens, Mekaverse, Akira

Yo, what is up everyone? Hopefully you all, are doing well today, on today's. Video we'll, be talking about some of the most hyped upcoming nft releases that will be happening within this month and the next few weeks you're, going to really want to pay attention to this video because there'S a lot of nft projects that are currently being released right now, but there are a few that really stand out from the rest and that's.

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I just want to give a disclaimer that none of what i say in this video is to be considered as financial advice. I am not a financial advisor and the nft space is incredibly risky, so please be safe and do your own research.

So the first project we'll, be talking about, is going to be the project urs, which is a 10 000 piece. Nft collection that will be releasing around mid-september 4.08 aetherium right, and this is a little bit of a cute, little robot or scary robot.

Depending on how you look at it, we can take a look at just a preview video that they have up here. You can see that it is a 3d model, it's, a moving model as well, which makes it really cool um and they have a lot of lore attached to it.

So if we read the description, they say to urs as a collection of a generated nftr program based on the ethereum blockchain. The last humans managed to create a special surveying. Robot called the urs, which was also implanted with human dna.

The first generation of urs consists of 10 000 biological robots and so on and so forth kind of just describing the project. So if we scroll down just a little bit, we can see that some more renditions of these urs's.

And personally, i would just like to say the art really stands out from all these other projects that we are seeing released right now, whether they be animals or just other simple projects. I think, looking for art that really stands out and seeing actual work being put into the project, rather than something just being really thought up, really quick just to get out there to capitalize on gains is important to see, and i think this project is doing that Very much so i also took a look at their discord and their community is pretty solid for the most part they have a pretty decent following as well.

They have a following around 3 500 people, but currently 6 000 members are in that discord. So there's, a lot of traction and a lot of community that is currently being starting to be built on this platform.

And i think the community is is a good signal as well for the success of this project. And if we scroll down check out some of the road map, we can see that they're. Also going to be doing a lot of air drops some merchandise as well and, ultimately that they want to release some sort of a game that will be accompanied with all of these nfts that they'll end up be releasing so they want to Add some more utility and it seems that the main utility for these nfts in the future will be some gaming unification with the tokens itself.

So, like i said just to recap, the actual sale starts in mid-september. It is currently unidentified on what exact date they will be dropping, but you can follow them on twitter or check out their discord to see a future announcement where they'll, be announcing what the actual release date is and as of right now.

It seems it's, going to be .08 ethereum for the mint price. The next project i'll, be talking about is an avatar project called the kira. Now akira is developed by rtfkt studios, which is a very prominent artist in the nft space and has done many collaborations and drops already within the nft community, and now he's, releasing his own nft profile picture collection right, his own avatar series.

Now you can see some of the artwork it's, another 3d rendition model of the actual avatar itself. It's, going to be a 3d model series right. So all of these avatars will have a very deep, in-depth look to them, which, like i said, i think it's important when you're talking about future nft projects, you want to stand out from the rest and what's going to first stand out to you.

It's. The art right, the art is really going to be the first thing that people pay attention to and look at and be like dang. I really need to hop in on this project and it really does look different and stands out from all the other nft projects that are currently coming out there.

Now, if we check out an article that was posted on medium, we can see some of the actual work that's, going behind the project itself. It's, still unconfirmed, at least for a release date right now, but just to give a little bit of more details about the project there'll, be over 20 000 avatars right for this project itself.

Now i know it may seems like a lot more another 10 000, that you're, adding to the usual 10 000 collection, but they do have a very large audience and i think in some way that might actually be a benefit, because when you're, adding that many more nfts you're, adding more community that's, able to be developed within the project itself way they were going to drop, at least according to this article is that 10 000 will be according To a pre-sale and then another 10 000 will be going to a public sale right which will all be described and announced.

I'm guessing on their discord or twitter, so make sure to follow this twitter account and the current release date. As of right now, i saw that they posted an announcement. They're, aiming for end of september with early october, just around those dates and currently as of right now.

The mint price, at least for the pre-sale, will be .05 ethereum and they said they're gonna play around with the mint price for the public sale itself. Now, like i said, i love the artwork so far, and i really think that the artist has already proven himself to be a very, very unique artist and people really gravitate towards this art, and i think this is gonna be no different.

You're gonna have a ton of people who are just into pfps already come on this project because they are already seeing that there is a prominent artist behind it as well as there's. A tremendous amount of work and plans for it as well.

The next project we'll, be talking about, is a project that i'm. Assuming a lot of you have already heard about. It is called the sevens right and this is coming in at our second spot, and there is a tremendous and i mean tremendous amount of hype that is going behind this project right now.

It's almost giving that oney force vibe that everyone was seeing with that project. Specifically it's almost like it's coming here. It's very similar in theme. I would say it's, another like anime rendition of an nft project, so you can see it's, an avatar series of 7 000 different, unique tokens and unique pieces of artwork that feature some of this anime style and honestly, i Really enjoy this artwork like and i enjoy it personally, i'll.

Give you my opinion more than the oniforce one, because i'm, more of like a 2d art type of person and this one kind of screams out to me a little bit more in terms of that. Like 2d aesthetic in terms of like an anime - and i really am enjoying this project a lot so far - and the community behind it is absolutely insane.

The discord is already breaking 30 000 members and it hasn't even released yet, which is absolutely insane. So there's, a lot of people paying attention to this project right now and if we take a look, we can take a look here.

Twitter. They already have a very large presence with over 22 000 followers, which is a lot more followers and community than a lot of other projects that have released in the past. Now, of course, that doesn't mean that this project will succeed.

But there is a tremendous amount of demand and hype for this project, not only for the art, but it seems like the road map is pretty solid itself as well. Your usual air drops your usual giveaways and everything like that, but it seems that they will be doing more air drops within 2022 as well as releasing a token it's called the seven token.

If you can see right here, the development and release of the sevens dow, with the seven token airdrop to all holders proportionally right and this will be happening in quarter of 2022. So it'll, be pretty interesting to see how that ends up playing out.

They also say that the sevens collection will be now will now be deflationary through a unique mutation mechanism. So maybe something that involves breeding and burning of certain tokens for a better reward who knows and making it a deflationary asset right.

A deflationary nft collection could add a lot more value to those tokens in the future, but it also depends on the brand and success of the actual brand and nft project itself. But overall, i'm really looking forward to this.

The only knock i would have someone on this project is that the team is not like readily out there in a sense where i'm, not able to look at who the team behind the project is, i had to dive in the discord and Just find their twitter, i was able to find their twitters, but at the same time it is kind of like the pseudo-anonymous thing.

So that is the only downside i would say for this project, but overall i think there's like i said there's, just going to be a tremendous amount of hype coming out the gate and there's. Not even as many nfts just to your usual 10 000 piece collection, there's 7 000.

, and to recap this project is scheduled to launch september 7th for a .07 mint and, like i said there's, only going to be 7 000 of these unique nfts available to be minted and the final project we'll, be talking about, is one that just previously came up.

But let me tell you, i am super hyped, and so many people are too. They just made a splash on twitter and just a splash in the nft community and they are making themselves heard. They are called meccaverse and mechaverse.

We can just take a look at their preview video here that kind of went viral. To be honest - and this is the preview video of the nft itself - oh my god, look at that art look at the art, it absolutely looks amazing.

It looks amazing - and i am so excited for this project. They already have an extremely large community. If you check out their twitter and also they just launched their discord and immediately they already reached, i believe 10 000 people within their discord within, like the first six hours of opening up the discord.

People are really excited for this project and, like i said this comes to the more projects that are going to be available within the nft space. You're, going to see a lot more competition, that's, going to be involved and it's, going to be harder to actually distinguish yourself from being a good project from being a bad project.

So what that means is that project leads and people who are developing these nft projects are going to have to put in more work either in the art, the road map or anything else that ends up making them stand out from all the other competitors, and this Is something that completely stands out? I mean you see the 3d models in this and they absolutely look chef's.

Kiss amazing, i mean the work that is most likely going behind. This project is immense in terms of just the art alone. It's so early that i'm. Mentioning this to you. I'm on their discord right now. They have no site just yet.

Okay, don't worry. The site is in development as well as a roadmap. They don't. Have they don't? Have that posted yet, but they say right here that we have an extremely amazing roadmap. We are very excited to show you more about it.

We're just about finished and we'll. Let you know in just a few days like i said this nft project just popped up on everyone's, radar extremely new, and you can see right here. Over 11 942 people on the same exact day, not even just above six hours of when they posted this link for the discord already.

People have joined absolutely crazy for this project and i think the artwork just speaks for it alone, and the team is public for the most part of what i can see. So we can check out some of their twitter accounts right.

So this is a 20 year old, digital artist, as well as um, just a few other of the devs and digital creators as well, and i think that's, always a good sign too. So just at least knowing who's behind the project, they have some skin in the game, um that we can actually be like.

Okay, we can hold you accountable if anything ends up going wrong and i just can't get over it. The artwork is absolutely amazing. I mean it looks just so clean, so i'm, just really excited for it, and i hope you are too now just a breakdown of the release itself.

These are actually expected to release at the end of september and they haven't concluded on a mint price just yet, but they did hint at saying that they took a very long time in rendering these three models for each individual nft.

So it might be a little bit of a higher mint than we're used to seeing, but that also may be a good thing, depending on like gas prices and everything like that and how they've been so far. So it might actually be a good thing that the mint is a little bit higher, but at the same time we'll, see and i'll.

Keep you all updated on that. There is going to be a total of 8 88 meccas who are going to be minted, so it is actually a little bit lower than your usual 10 000 collection, which is probably going to increase the demand for this project even more, and that wraps it up.

For all the projects that i wanted to show you here today the most hyped projects that are going to be releasing in the near future. That, i think all of you should be paying attention to right now, especially if you're looking to get in at a mint price or just after they have minted.

So one tip i want to provide is - i usually personally do not mint on release. I kind of wait for the release to actually happen and purchase um once they hit open c and they usually have, for the most part, most projects more high profile projects have unreleased artwork in a sense that they haven't revealed what the artwork Is yet for each individual token, so it's like this screen, where it's, basically just showing you like a shadow of what the token will eventually look like you.

Just don't know any of the traits or anything like that. So all the tokens are essentially valued at the exact same and you're able to pick up some tokens at that price, even though it might be a premium.

I personally find it a little bit easier to get the nft that way. Just so i don't have to deal with the gas prices and everything that is involved with minting, but by all means, if you are able to mint.

You know at that price and get a decent gas at the moment. When you're minting, then it might be worth it to just mint on release with. That being said, i hope all of you enjoyed today's. Video, i'll, be covering more nft releases in the future and more hyped releases that i think all of you should be aware of.

This space is incredibly exciting and i think, as more time goes on the more projects, we will eventually end up. Seeing because the nft space, in my personal opinion, is going to continue to grow with that it's, going to also lead to more projects being introduced, and you're, going to have these good little gems.

These really good projects that are going to stand out from the rest, and i hope i am able to identify them and show them all to you. So if you enjoyed make sure that you hit that subscribe and like button, it is greatly appreciated with that being said, i will catch you all later: [, Music, ]