XRP VS Literally Everyone (XRP RISING Above The FUD)

Two easy ways to lose: complete faith in the crypto market is to one spend too much time, focusing on the daily charts and two trade with emotion. As for me, along with many of you out there in the bit squad, we're.

All passionate about crypto and where it's going in the future, it's imperative to not let that passion cloud, your judgment when trading, no one likes getting wrecked or getting liquidated. Believe me, when i tell you it happens to everyone there's, a large curve in the process of learning how to trade crypto and in this world you pay for your mistakes.

So right now xrp seems like it's, not pumping, and it's just sitting still, should we panic and sell the bottom? No, absolutely not. Two easy ways to regain faith in the crypto markets is to one focus on the big picture and two always remember: the patient will prevail.

Let's, get it welcome to bit boy crypto home of the bit squad, the largest and greatest crypto biotic community. In all the interwebs, my name is ben everyday. On this transport, i show you how to make money in crypto.

If you like money and crypto, then make sure to hit that subscribe button. If you want to go deeper into crypto, make sure to check out bitlab in this video, we will discuss recent news and updates surrounding xrp the court case as well as why i'm remaining bullish on xrp for years to come, as the Supreme leader, strategist and commander the xrp army, i'm here to tell you that i still have the same amount of faith and conviction in xrp, as i did six months ago.

So what if the price went down 33 in the last month. So what if the sec is dragging out the court case as long as possible? This is all by design those of you who believe and have conviction in xrp. As much as i do one day, you will be glad that you held on it's only a matter of time.

Please understand that this market is built on max payne and the day you give up is the day it goes up. It's, a account, so many people have seen the court case will end, maybe sooner than you think the sec might get paid a massive settlement, but that's.

The only win that they're, going to get for the time being hold on for dear life in the meantime. Here are some reasons why you shouldn't panic, but stay focused on the bigger picture. A recent tweet from universe 20 states boom citibank, will use xrp token to facilitate international payments.

A small excerpt from the citibank document attached to the tweet read banks initially viewed ripple as a competitor, though, increasingly banks are partnering with ripple mike drop. That's. All i got be blessed just kidding.

Goldman sachs is on board with his idea as well. They submitted patents to use xrp and bitcoin to validate nodes months ago. Honestly. This is why the sec went after ripple. In the first place, they thought if they could win against a company that works with the banks, that precedent would make it a walk in the park to win against the companies that don't.

The sec is supposed to protect the investors, but who's, going to protect investors from the sec? This is what sparked the xrp army to question the sec's credibility a few months ago. Can you blame them? The sec is grasping for straws at this point and it shows it & # 39.

S pointed out in a tweet from xrp attorney, jeremy hogan crypto investors now realize that the sec is making it up as it goes. It invents rules and uses enforcement or the threat of it to cement its arbitrary policy.

The sec is broken, but congress is the fix. Remember that turns out that the deliberative process privilege might not protect the sec. After all, dpp is a common law principle that the internal processes of the executive branch of a government are immune from normal disclosure or discovery and civil, litigations freedom of information, act, requests, etc.

Rick steves from pointed out that for months the sec has refused to hand over documents regarding the agency's, thoughts and discussions over xrp, eth and btc on the grounds of being privileged information and the sec used that to wiggle their way.

Out of hard situations in the courtroom, luckily, on november 29th, the court of appeals issued a decision in the natural resources defense council versus the u.s environment protection agency case to address the scope of dpp.

Fortunately, for us, the outcome of that case changed the law on what is and what is not protected by dpp, because of this judge, netburn is allowing the sec and ripple to rebrief. This could turn into a big win for xrp.

The court decides to rug pull the sec on their dpp. This will highlight several contradictions. The sec tried to hide from such not providing fair notice that xrp could be a security, and this will show the sec lied about william hinman's speech that gave e the free pass being considered personal views.

Jeremy hogan recently praised attorney solomon for spinning fire in a tweet. The sec cannot have it both ways. If the hinman speech was not a communication of agency policy, then any deliberation regarding the speech is not entitled to any dpp protection.

He ends that tweet by saying, and that may be the phrase that wins the day for ripple fight for regulation and clarity continues in the sec case and on capitol hill as well. On wednesday december 8th, several major crypto exchanges and related businesses testified for well over four hours.

Afterwards, the financial service committee, the house of representatives, asked a multitude of questions to learn more about the space. How to regulate it and house representative from tennessee john rose even asked how to prevent innovation from leaving the united states and happening offshore.

It's clear that many politicians view crypto is a viable source of revenue and they do not want crypto companies to be forced to take that income out of the country because they will, if they have to as more and more americans start accepting That we're, going to have a mutually beneficial relationship with crypto.

It's only a matter of time until there is regulatory clarity. By that time, we will have already been let in the door river recently released a three-page document, their vision of a pragmatic regulatory framework for cryptocurrencies, instead of showing any signs of weakness or resentment towards the sec or governing bodies.

In this document they highlight the fact that crypto regulation and clarity should be an open dialogue and that protecting the consumer is just as significant as blockchain reaching its full potential. Things are on the up and up for ripple and it doesn't.

Stop there, they recently announced the rollout for their liquidity hub set to roll out in 2022. This gives a way for enterprise clients to easily and efficiently source digital assets from a range of sources, including market makers, exchanges and over-the-counter trading desks.

This will allow financial service firms to offer their customers the option to buy or sell crypto assets such as bitcoin ethereum, litecoin ethereum, classic bitcoin cash. Yes xrp in the future. The liquidity hub will offer nfts as well ripple also recently announced in a tweet.

They're, joining the digital pound foundation by working with central banks to aid in the design and implementation of the digital pound. In the uk, nexo finance also dropped a hint. The flare network songbird will be coming to their platform in the near future.

In terms of current price action, i completely agree with tomi from udot today, when he says the price of xrp is suppressed, has room to expand, keep in mind the latest xrp price dip can be attributed to papa bitcoin's latest tip.

You can see that dip in the daily chart five days ago, but many long candles like that. One could also indicate a trend reversal by the way to learn more about how to do. Ta, like a boss, make sure to check out bitlabacademy.

com, but before you do make sure to smash that like button and subscribe button, it really helps us out if you need any more reasons to be bullish on ripple know that macro investor rao powell is bullish on Ripple 2.

, the daily huddle pointed out that he actually bought a position in xrp a year ago because of the court case against xrp rowell stated that's, a no-brainer. Why would you not take a 10 to 1 risk reward that has a catalyst around it all in all, it really comes down to this.

We know that xrp is working with the banks and will play a major role in integrating blockchain technology into the pre-existing structures. In the foreseeable future, in that future, the sec case will be considered a footnote in the hiaccount of xrp when it's 2025 and xrp's.

Vision is fully viable. Ask yourself this back in 2021, were you in or out that's? All i got be blessed: [ Music ]! You